Doomanoid Records was founded in Spring 2009 by Iron Void guitarist/vocalist Steve Wilson. The initial releases were CDR's limited to batches of 100 copies. After four CD-R releases, the label moved on to factory pressed CD's. The first of these was The Sleeping Wizard by GROAN (NOID005), released on CD in September 2010. 

MISTY MORNING - Martian Pope (NOID001)

The label's first CD-R release. 6 tracks of heavy "shroom doom" from Rome, Italy, this was a completely remixed and remastered version of the band's demo.

Includes a cover version of 'The Wizard' by Black Sabbath as a bonus track.

The cover artwork was drawn by Jason Juta, who also worked on a Star Wars RPG game. 

Year: 2009

Format: CD-R (Limited to 200 copies)

VARIOUS ARTISTS - Planet Doom Volume 1 (NOID002)

9-track doom & stoner compilation. 58 minutes of heavy music ranging from Vitus -inspired riff-doom to spacey stoner jams and back to slow heavy Doom again.

Featured tracks by: Hatchetface (Featuring Kayt Vigil - ex Hounds of Hasselvander live band),
Iron Void, Misericorde (ex Year Zero),Misty Morning, Atlantic Tide (ex Terra Firma)
and more.

Year: 2010

Formats: CD-R (Limited to 100 copies), Digital download

IRON VOID - Spell of Ruin (NOID003)

Debut EP from Iron Void, featured 4 studio tracks (25 minutes playing time).

The EP was recorded in January 2010 at Orion Studios in South Yorkshire with a twin guitar line up. The band became a power trio shortly after this recording.

100% underground, independent Yorkshire Doom Metal influenced by Black Sabbath, Saint Vitus and Pentagram, with a little Motorhead and Maiden thrown into the mix. Was later re-issued on CD with two bonus tracks (see below). The original version quickly sold out and is now very hard to find.

Year: 2010

Format: CD-R (Limited to 100 copies)

MHONOS - Miserere Nostri (NOID004)

MHONOS descirbe their music as "Dark, suffocating, mystical, cult... MHÖNOS finally emerges from the shadow of the crypt to offer its bewitching liturgy. Miserere Nostri is an esoteric mass, composed and recorded by friar S.G., master of the MHÖNOS project." 

A mix of drone, ambient and black metal with throat-singing inspired by Tibetan monks and the tolling of church bells in the background, this is easily the heaviest Doomanoid release so far. 4 tracks, over 40 minutes playing time.

Year: 2010

Format: CD-R (Limited to 100 copies). A separate version was self-released by the band in France.

GROAN - The Sleeping Wizard (NOID005)

This was the first Doomanoid Records title to go on full retail release, distributed by CODE7 via PHD.

From the 4 corners of the UK, come Groan, with their debut album The Sleeping Wizard. Seven tracks of "Spaced out medieval heavy power fuzz rock" recorded and produced by the band themselves. 

Year: 2010

Format: CD

VARIOUS ARTISTS - Planet Doom Volume Two (NOID006)

Starting where Planet Doom Volume One left off, the second volume aimed to be even heavier, with better quality tracks and a wider range of bands. The cover and layout was the label's first collaboration with Goatess Doomwych (Stonehelm, Church of Misery, Iron Void), who also designed the Doomanoid Records logo.

Year: 2010

Formats: CD-R (Limited to 100 copies), Digital download.


For this split EP, UK psychedelic doom 'n' rollers Groan teamed up with Finnish retro-rockers Vinum Sabbatum.

Artwork by Ralph Walters (Thorr-Axe and Pombagira cover artist). He went on to do more artwork for Groan andhis distinctive style became something of a trademark for the band.

Year: 2011

Formats: CD, Digital download

MISTY MORNING - Saint Shroom (NOIDLP001)

Another first for Misty Morning - This time the first ever Doomanoid vinyl release!

Saint Shroom was comprised of two epic-length tracks on transparent Red vinyl 12" (one side each), pressed at 45 RPM for best possible clarity, volume and warmth of sound.

Lavish artwork by Ver Eversum Art Lab (Rome, Italy)

Packaged with FULL COLOUR, double-sided 29x58cm fold out poster/lyric sheet.

Year: 2011

Format: 12" red vinyl (Limited to 250 copies)

IRON VOID - Spell of Ruin (NOID008)

Re-issue of the band's 2010 debut EP, plus 2 bonus tracks ('Suicide Sorcerer' and 'Drowning in Eternity'). Out of print for almost two years, this gave new fans who missed out on the original CD-R the chance to add a copy to their collections.

The two extra tracks were recorded as a three-piece with all the guitar tracks played by Steve Wilson (Simon Guy played 2nd guitar on the original four tracks) again at Orion Studios with engineer Steve Ellis.

Full-colour 8-page booklet with lyrics.

Year: 2012

Formats: CD, Digital download

SO MORTAL BE - Initiation Into Nothingness

Rare four song studio EP, self released as a demo on home made CD-R by the band in 2006. 

Formed in 2004 and named after a Spirit Caravan song, the band featured Steve Wilson (Iron Void) on guitar and vocals. These are the only studio recordings by the band. They played one last show after this session was recorded before splitting up. 

This edition includes pre-Iron Void versions of Dead Planet and Suicide Sorcerer, plus two previously unreleased rehearsal tracks.

Year: 2012

Format: Digital download (exclusive to the label Bandcamp page)


Third anniversary sampler compilation released as a digital download.

Covers the first few Doomanoid Records releases, with tracks from Misty Morning, Iron Void, Groan, Vinum Sabbatum and Mhonos.

Exclusive artwork by Goatess Doomwych

Year: 2012

Format: Digital download (via Bandcamp)

MISTY MORNING - Saint Shroom (NOID009)

Lower priced, CD-R version of the 2011 12" vinyl release.

Packaged in gatefold cardboard 'lancing pack' sleeve with full colour art by Ver Eversum Art lab, Rome Italy.
Includes limited edition high-quality shaped vinyl Saint Shroom sticker.

Year: 2013

Formats: CD-R (limited to 250 copies), Digital download

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